Support and Expertise

If you need additional support or expertise, we will work with you to spearhead specific HR related projects such as introducing major organizational changes, restructuring, workforce and succession planning, performance management, compensation and pay equity, and HR policy and program reviews, etc. 

HR Outsourcing

For companies with limited or no internal human resources support, we can operate as your outsourced HR department for all strategy, program design and implementation activities. This HR service includes day-to-day employee relations support and coaching, assistance in hiring the right people, compensation and rewards, performance management, employment law and terminations. These customizable and cost-effective services are offered virtually and/or on-site based on your needs. 

Performance Management

GBC HR has developed a simple and effective Performance Management Program that is customizable and we will provide the necessary support to implement it in your organization. Our cost-effective program focuses on setting clear objectives that are aligned with the business plan, key measurable actions and competencies. In addition, we provide a detailed performance management plan format and guidebook that outlines the whole process, and performance management training on the overall process. 

Compensation, Total Rewards and Pay Equity

Compensation Review:

GBC HR takes a total compensation approach and will review base salary, bonus, long-term incentives and benefits for one or all of your jobs. A review should be conducted every one to two years to ensure that your compensation remains market competitive. Payroll is probably the biggest investment for your organization and a compensation review will help ensure you continue to attract and retain talent while managing your budget.

Market Pricing:

Check the market competitiveness of salaries, such as before making a job offer to a candidate or for existing positions (we specialize in small to medium-sized organizations). With over 25 years of experience, we are familiar with the most reliable survey sources and can provide recommendations on the appropriate salary survey(s) for your organization.

Job Evaluation:

GBC HR has its own Job Evaluation System (that is Ontario pay equity compliant) that can be customized for your exclusive use. This is a cost-effective and efficient system for small to medium sized organizations to create a job hierarchy. Once this is established, a salary structure (“pay scale”) can be developed and helps ensure the maximum return on investment for employee compensation. For organizations over 10 employees in Ontario, job evaluation is also the first step in becoming pay equity compliant. 

Pay Equity Review:

If you are not pay equity compliant, we can help! Organizations in Ontario that have 10 or more employees are required by legislation to conduct a regular pay equity review. We have extensive experience in this area and can do a cost-effective review to ensure that your organization is compliant and does not have any pay inequities in female dominated job classes.

Recruitment and Executive Search

We offer a unique, customizable and cost-effective way of helping you recruit the talent you need. Our 9 Step Recruitment Process allows you to select (some or all of) the steps where you need assistance in the recruitment process. This includes developing role profiles of the ideal candidates, assisting with advertising and screening candidates, interviewing and selecting the right people to take your organization to the next level.

We specialize in recruiting for human resources and finance/accounting/banking positions and other professional office positions.

We also offer recruitment solutions  to help you optimize the most efficient, effective recruitment process for your organization and ensure the best fit candidates for your jobs. 

Leadership Development

We will train and coach supervisors on how to: handle people issues, coach employees, provide constructive feedback and evaluate performance. We also offer a Leadership Foundations program based on core leadership competencies for succession and career planning.

Employee Surveys

We help you measure and improve employee engagement. Drawing on our expertise from working in the big consulting firms, we can design customized employee surveys and conduct focus groups. These will help you gain a better understanding of employee priorities and identify specific courses of action to improve the workplace.

Human Resources Management (HRM) Assessment 

An assessment of your human resources programs will help your organization identify any areas for improvement or action (i.e., your policies, procedures, programs and processes). For small to medium sized organizations in the GTA, we offer a confidential one hour general assessment of your policies and procedures (with no obligations) in an easy to read colour-coded summary report. This will help you identify and prioritize any action items and potential liabilities.

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Alliance Partners

GBC has an alliance with several organizations that provide other top notch HR services as follows:

  • Background checking
  • Benefits plan design, renewals, insurer negotiations, etc.
  • Disability management
  • Psychometric testing including Myers Briggs 
  • Expatriate management

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